20 Aug


Following a stint as lead singer of the Residents, I was unceremoniously recruited by avant-cult act Milli Vanilli to provide ‘street looks’ while Rob Pilatus and Fabrice Morvan provided vocals. Following an equally fortuitous stint as session musician for defiantly non-mainstream act the Doobie Brothers, I was chosen by T.S. Bonniwell to replace him in the Bonniwell Music Machine, much to the chagrin of Doobie Brothers mainstays Cornelius Bumpus and John McFee. Arguably my greatest success, however, came from recording a duet album with James ‘JY’ Young of Styx, and a cameo appearance on Graham Nash’ well-received ‘Songs for Survivors’ album. This album sold in the hundreds.

Following my arrest for possession of a single marijuana joint, my life was headed in an unceremonious downward spiral. After much cosmic observation, I travelled to a Bah’ai monastery and embarked on a lifelong spiritual journey, chanting the word ‘om’ every 5 microseconds and eating grass. During this tumultuous period my song cycle ‘Music for the Inner Reflection’ was released on the then-nascent Windham Hill scene, earning no acclaim whatsoever.

Ultimately, my journeyman career has led me to what I believe to be my spiritual calling: a roadie for Foreigner.


One Response to “Intro”

  1. katy August 21, 2012 at 3:35 pm #

    Looking forward to your first review!

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